How to Exhibit a Cat

If you decide to adventure into this world and want to exhibit your cats, you must begin a long process of apprenticeship, of dominating the language and the practice of the feline associations to recognize the levels of requirements and to understand the subtleties of this highly specialized world.

Phase of Apprenticeship
The cat’s exhibitions are an ideal place to learn about the different races and to study the levels of perfection that the most beautiful cats can reach, even though they won’t participate. It results useful to go with someone who knows well this world and that knows how to explain what distinguished winners from the rest.

Something a newcomer is not capable to appreciate in a room full of excellent cats.

Most of the owners will love to talk about their cats, although you may find them more relaxed after the judges have given their verdict.

Different Exhibitions
They organize exhibitions of cats at different levels, from the informal exhibitions of local felines clubs up to the major national and international events in which you may see thousand of cat, going through concrete breeding exhibitions.

The cats exhibitions usually last two days, in Great Britain they last only one day with the advantage of not having to look for lodgings for you and your cat, as with the rest of the countries.

Usually, the exhibitions, however, there are countries that impose normative about quarantines, which suppose an impediment at the time to exhibit.

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