Indoor Cat Enclosure

IIndoor Cat Enclosure was reading up about how to make an indoor cat enclosure and discovered some very helpful information about cats. Did you know that the cat population in the United States of America alone is more than 75 million, and people generally assume that cats will be quite content living within a domestic environment as long as we provide them with their basic needs such as an indoor cat enclosure, food and water. However, cats are complex creatures and as such they have many more requirements for leading full and happy lives within a home. Cats need to be active. When it comes to fun, they find few activities more enjoyable than watching the world from up on a high perch inside their indoor cat enclosure for. It is a feline fact of life that cats have an instinctive need to scratch. Scratching is a biological necessity for your cat, so you must not punish her for clawing the furniture, what you should do is provide her with an alternative like a cat scratching post inside her enclosure. To make a cat scratching post is an easy enough. The best cure for a destructive cat is to make sure that it has plenty of stuff to do inside its indoor cat enclosure. toys, playthings, and stuff to climb on are all good starting points for any cat. Cats that live outdoors are generally kept busy with what they find outside but cats that spend their time indoors usually require some type of area or indoor cat enclosure so that they can scratch, climb and play.


The essentials of how to make an indoor cat enclosure are simple but whether your cat will indeed use it depends largely on her and your ability to make it fun and enjoyable for her.

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