Inside or Outside Cat?

Cats have a wild nature, and they should be allowed to express their natural instincts of marking their territories, climbing trees, hunting preys, socializing with other cats and sleeping in the sun. But, we don’t exactly live in a perfect world, and a cat that is left out side, runs the risk of getting infected with diseases and parasites, getting lost or stolen and harming itself or getting killed along the way.  Allowing the cat access to the outdoors or keeping it inside too long, is a problem that all owners are faced with. To be able to make a wise decision you must consider the environment in which you live in, your way of life and the character and age of your cat. You must also have in mind that a cat that has been given the freedom of being left outside will refuse to be confined inside and may develop behavior problems, so make a decision quickly and keep with it.

The Outside Cat
If you have a garden and you live in a calm area, it may be safe to install a small door for your cat to enter and leave during the day. It is better if the door stays closed throughout the night, to keep safe from the dangers that transit or the cat thieves. If you think that free access is too risky, you can build a long corridor for your cat in your yard, and it can be joined to the house by a window or small door. This will allow your cat a safe access to fresh air and sunshine. The corridor should have a warm section, have a protection from bad weather and it should be half way in the sun and half way in the shade. Place a small tree trunk or a piece of bark for it to climb on and scratch, a bit of grass, a nice plant to give it some warmth and, of course, a container with water, and your cat will be as happy as a kid in the park. You can let plants grow on the wired nets to make the corridor look more pleasing to the eye.

 Alternatively speaking, you can convert your garden into area “safe for cats”, in a large corridor for cats, closing it with a high gate that is curved on the top, toward the inside, made with a wire net, fastened with angular shaped fasteners so that the cat will not be able to climb over it. This has the advantage of keeping away feline intruders.

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