Insulated Outdoor Cat Houses

Since itcat house only costs a few hundred dollars to get insulated outdoor cat houses they really are the best option. There used to be a time when insulation wasn’t recommended but with the many advances in the materials used in insulation it really is quite safe even in the confined space of a cat house. Insulated outdoor cat houses are easy to order and come in all shapes and sizes. There really is no type of climate for which insulation is not recommended. Whether you live somewhere hot or cold, humid or dry insulation will help keep your kitty comfy. Especially if you have an older cat or kitten insulation is a definite benefit. Older cats not only have a harder time retaining body warmth but there are also other problems that can arise. You should always try and keep a very close eye on your older cats. Often times the symptoms they present are just results of their age but by being aware and watching out for the following danger signals you can hopefully prevent a physical or mental illness from progressing and turning into something serious. If you see that your senior cat is sleeping all the time, walking constantly, meowing excessively and without apparent reason, defecating more frequently than normal and in unusual places, not responding when you call its name, biting


and scratching everything and everyone for no obvious reason or if it undergoes a drastic change of appetite or looses its appetite altogether then you should most certainly have it checked by your veterinarian as soon as possible. Providing your senior cat with not only an insulated cat house but also a cat mat that provides lateral support and is comfortable will help to make its golden years more pleasant and enjoyable.
How to build a large cat house

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