Introduction of New Breeds

The controversies and difficulties derived from the introduction of a new breed now days can be appreciated in the case of the Singapore, a non-acknowledged race by the more important feline organizations. The Singapura, proclaimed to be the smallest cat in the world, is an Abyssinian type of race that according to the data, was discovered in 1974 living between Alley cats of Singapore.

This is a very pretty cat and it is easy to understand the motives for which they pretended to establish it as an independent race.

But its origins have been questioned and the possibility that its origins derive from three small chocolate color Abyssinians that arrived to the United States in 1974 has aroused.

In the world of feline breeding it is good that there is some controversies once in a while; there is no need to say more.

In any case, the genetic property of the race is very small, due that it only comes from three ancestors, and without any doubts it will develop slowly if they don’t commit any excess of consanguinity.

There have been many attempts in several countries to develop new races by the means of crossing several races. Many of these intentions are condemned to failure, due that they give as results unacceptable mutations, incurable diseases or sterilizations in the whelps, which has disable the realizations of new advances.. This has been the destiny of numerous selective breeding programs, which are bound to produce toy or miniature cats.

However, there is no doubt that in the future there will be surprises. Apart from the selective breeding programs, new mutations will be produced, like the rex and Scottish fold races; authentic surprises from nature. They were spontaneous change that were observed and develop thanks to the interest of amateurs; none happened inside a breeding environment. The truth is that one of the fathers of the first Cornish rex was a wild domestic cat that used to lived inside an abandoned tin mine and the other was an alley cat.

This makes us think that all the most interesting advances come from outside the breeding environments.

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