Large Cat Enclosure

Large Cat EnclosureSo you have just gotten a new cat. Congratulations! A large cat enclosure is waiting for your feline but that’s not all. You have a pet dog already in your home. What do you do? Try the following steps to sweeten the introduction of your new cat to your pet dog.

As your cat is making his first rounds of the house and its large cat enclosure keep your dog in a closed room. Let your cat have plenty of time to getting accustomed to his new surroundings and cat enclosure. Once your new cat has grown calmer and become more or less comfortable in its new territory. Bring it to the door of the room where your dog is. Let your pets sniff and even touch each other under the closed door. Next introduce them to each other. Your dog should have a leash on at all times during these early encounters. You could also try putting your dog in his crate and letting your cat approach him. Since you want your dog to associate your cat with something good and fun make sure to treat your dog and show him extra attention every time he encounters the cat. Make sure that you


r large cat enclosure is in a safe area where your cat can go if it needs to get away from your dog. A room with a gate across the door could serve for this purpose. It is important to show your new cat lots of affection and attention in front of your dog so that he understands that you love your cat too and it is something special and important to you.

A good idea is to give the cat its food inside the large cat enclosure at the same time as your dog is eating in his area to avoid confrontations over food.

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