Last Details for Cat Exhibitions

Make a last revision of the exhibition norms and make sure you perform all the required.

Some norms require that cats have a standard identification on them. If this supposes for the cat to wear a collar or a bow that he is not familiarized with, it is convenient to make him get used to them before the exhibition.

Submit the cat to a last session of embellishment the night before the exhibition and make sure that there are no rests of cleaning products on the cloak. Once in the exhibition, it is permitted to use a brush, a comb and a cloth, but other accessories are usually prohibited. The day of the exhibition, do an effort to be calm, because the cat can feel the sensation of stress.

It is advisable to follow an already prepared program taking as reference the hour of arrival to the exhibition.

Give yourself a margin to accommodate the cat in his traveling cage and to see that he doesn’t present any kind of symptoms of illness.

Before any doubt about the health of the cat, the only option is to give up going to the exhibition. It has no sense of making the long journey and having the organizers no letting you participate. But remember to call the secretary ship to communicate your absence to the exhibition.

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