Looking for a Cat

Before you get your new cat, make sure that you have all the necessary equipment and be prepared, including the box in which to transport it in. The sense of smell is very important for cats, so you might want to throw in an old T-shirt or towel in the box; this will help it to “smell” its new home. Talk with the owner about the cat’s diet so that you can continue to give it the same food during the first few days, this will avoid it getting homesick or having stomach problems. Make the necessary arrangements to be at home during the first few days so that the cat will feel at home and be able to adapt itself easier.

Taking Care of Cats
If you make the effort to take care of your cat, your cat will in change reward you with years of companionship, friendship and fun. In the following you’ll find all the information you need to keep your cat healthy and content.

When you take your cat or kitten to its home for the first time it might become a bit nervous. It’s better to leave it in a room at first so that it’ll adapt itself. Offer it some food and show it its bed and litter box. It is better that for it to eat the same food it used to eat in its former home for the first couple days. Later, slowly and gradually, introduce it to the food you want it to eat.

 It is natural for everybody to become excited with the welcoming of a new cat, but remember a cat also likes to be left alone at times. During the next couple of days let it explore the place but make sure that all the doors and windows, that lead to outside, are closed. The chimney should also be off limits; because shy cats might want to hide in them.

 A new cat should be kept in the house for one or two weeks, and the same goes for moving in to a new place with your cat. If you let it go out too soon, it might wander off and not know its way back home. Stay with it during its first times out in the yard and let it go out before feeding time, that way it will come back home to eat.

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