Macavity, The Mysterious Cat

Among the most famous literary cats of the XX Century are the protagonists of the famous  literary masterpiece of T.S. Elliot, the book of the skillful cats of the old possum, published the first time in 1939.

The friends and admirers of Eliot, used to struggling with poetry for adults, enigmatic and “difficult”; where surprised when these recompilations appeared, of pleasant and accessible poems, that immediately acquired great popularity. In then years it was republished nine times and an illustrated edition followed, which also was a success and that immediately made a place for itself at the poetic anthologies of scholars.

There are many readers that know about the eccentricities of the evil macavity, the mysterious cat, of skimbleshanks, the cat of the railroad that watches the night train, or of Bustopher Jones, the city cat.

Other Stories
There are many authors that have chosen a cat as the main figure for some of the most famous literary masterpieces.

The most renowned author, for his book of the jungle, is Rudyard Kipling, he consecrated the cat that malice alone one of the stories of how it was, in which he evokes with nostalgia the infantile paradise.

Also C.T.A. Hoffmann chose a cat as narrator of the opinions of murr the cat, and Edgar Allan Poe made a feline the main conductor of his famous terror story of the black cat.

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