Maine Coon Cat

If there is a race that should have full rights to be acknowledged as a whole American that is without any doubts the Maine Coon.

There exists many legends about the origins of this natural American race of long history, some are amazing and others genetically impossible.

In the category of amazing it is included the story in which Mary Antoinette, at the beginning of the French revolution in 1789, had foreseen on escaping to the United States and had first sent her belongings to this country, including her two Persian or angora cats. The two cats escaped and mated with domestic or wild domestic American cats. From this crossing aroused the Maine Coon.

Breed Origins
There is no proves of the veracity of this romantic story nor of the theory that gave name to this race, according to which the main coon came from the mating of a domestic cat and a raccoon; in any case, the relation between this two species is impossible.

Something less hard to believe is the mating between a domestic cat and a wild animal of speckled hair, the red lynx (felis rufus), that lives from the South of Canada to the center of Mexico.

And there are even more theories. It is said that the first Maine Coons were in reality specimens of the race of Norwegian Forest that arrived to North America near to the year 1000 B.C. with the Viking explorers of Vinland. There are no available data to support this theory, apart from the fact that it is very probable that Leif Eriksson and his troops landed on Maine in their traveling towards the south, in route to Vinland.

On the other hand, it is also believed that a captain of a ship named Coon took Turk angora and Persian cats to North America at the beginning of the XIX Century.

Although the name of the captain may be false, this is the most probable and simple explanation of the origin of the Maine Coon: the accidental crossing between a domestic short hair cat, descendant of one of those introduced to the continent by the first pilgrims, and a long hair cat introduced in a posterior epoch.

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