Male Cat Castration and Sterilization

Castration is what makes a cat into a domestic animal. After it is done, it will feel closer to us and happier. Only then it can have the opportunity of finding a friendship with people in a more intimate way. The unpleasant habit of spraying or marking does not appear in castrated cats at an early age and soon stops in operated adult cats. Then, these beautiful creatures become the ideal domestic animals, having the possibility to keep them for a long time.  

Now the operation is simple, but before they use to operate in the most primitive conditions without anesthesia and without the participation of a professional. Today the extirpation of testicles is a small intervention with local anesthesia. Do castrated cats become indolent and obese? Castrated cats almost always reduce his night outings, but are more active during the day. Cats get fat when its kept and fed wrong. With reasonable nourishment, castrated cats will keep a beautiful slenderness. 

After castration, cats will maintain the evolutionary phase reached up to that moment. Kittens with a feminine aspect will later still look like a female cat. A young male cat with wide head will modify his conduct, but not his masculine aspect. All this has to be kept in mind before choosing the operation. Castrating cats is the most old and proved method for keeping male cats at home; it’s highly advisable for anyone that has one in house.

With sterilization, cats become infertile but still maintain full sexual activity. This operation, a little complicated, consists on cutting the thin seminal conduits; this is suggested only in counted occasions. The advantages are almost useless. 

Think of this case: several isolated female cats live with a male cat in some building or land. The sterilized cat will cover when they are in heat and will shorten this period. However, there will be no descendants.  This method is used in zoos with big felines, but sometimes only. It’s not popular castrating lions because they lose their haughty lock of hair.

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