My Cat, a Practical Guide for Cat Owners

A Practical Guide for the Well Being of Your Cat
Dogs are not man’s best friend anymore - their place by the chimney has been taken by the cat. In England there are six million dogs, whereas there are eight million domestic cats. In the United States, as well as in other countries, the average amount of cats is also much larger in number than those of dogs.

There are many different reasons why the popularity of felines has increased throughout the world. Cats are creatures that can adapt themselves very easily to different environments and ways of life. They are calm and keep themselves clean and therefore are easy to take care of. They are very independent compared to other domestic pets (there is no need to take them out for a long walk after a long and hard day at work). They have therapeutic qualities that

The History of Cats

Understanding Your Cat

Cats from the Middle Ages

The Cats Senses, Ears, Eyes, Nose and Teeth

Popular Cat Breeds

Cats Senses, Whiskers, Tail, Claws and Fur

Basic Kinds of Cats

Cat Instinct and Behavior

Semi-longhair and Longhaired Cats

Cats Hunting Instinct

Shorthaired Cats

Cat Territorial Instincts

Short-haired Exotic Cat

Cats Mating Game

Acquiring a Cat

Raising Baby Kittens, First, Second and Third Week

Choosing a Cat

Raising Baby Kittens, Fourth through Eighth Week

Purebred or Crossbred

Feeding Your Cat

Finding a Cat and Rescued Cats

Supplements and Special Cat Treats

Looking for a Cat

Cats Water Bowl

Cat Veterinarian Registration

Pregnant or Nursing
Cats and Kitten Diet

Cat Equipment, Transportation Basket, food Bowls and Litter Boxes

Watching your Cats Weight

Cat Doors, Cat Beds and Scratching Posts

Keeping Your Cat Safe

Cat Grooming and Equipment

Dangers on the Outside for Cats

Cat Identification, Collar, Tattoos and Microchip

Inside or Outside Cat?

Taking Precautions with your Cat

Indoor Cats

Cat Castration,
Male and Female Cats

Cat Games, Climbing Structures and Fun at Home

Cat Flea Control, Dental Hygiene and Brushing your Cats Teeth

Cats in their Old Age and nutrition


Cat Health Care and Saying Good Bye

have an effect on people. For example, they are gentle and loving, and after a hard day of work playing and petting a cat can produce a calming effect and alleviate stress. It is almost impossible to feel uptight when we watch a cat sprawled out on the rug and listen to its purring.

Felines are captivating for their elegance, grace and serenity. Leonardo da Vinci liked to call them “nature’s masterpiece” and it’s easy to see why. They are agile, delicate and very flexible. Their figures are beautiful when they are sitting, lying, playing, hunting, sleeping or even washing themselves. To have a cat is like having a living sculpture in your home.

If you share your life with a “crossbred” or a cat with a perfect lineage, you’ll realize that these fascinating creatures are much more than just pleasing to the eye. They are our companions who are always happy to sit next to us by the fire and who like to be fed and pampered. But on the other hand they can also transform themselves into wild creatures and lonesome hunters. They do have their naughty side, they like to scratch the furniture, dig holes in the flower pots and they let out deafening sounds during the night. But anyone who is a cat lover won’t mind these minor details and will shrug them off with a smile. Under that thin domestic cover they have a genuine wild heart and an independent spirit that can’t be entirely tamed, a quality for which humans have grown to be fond of.

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