Newborn Kittens

If the whelps are born in a rapid succession, sometimes the cat has so time to cleanse them all. What a cat usually does is to begin to lick the newborn and to stop after a few seconds. If you see that she is taking to long and seems as if she didn’t want to go on (sometimes she is distracted by the coming of another whelp or, in novice cats, the simple lack of experience). You will have to retire the mucus from the head of the newly born and then let the mother keep on licking him. If after 15 minutes the cat doesn’t show any interest, call the veterinary.

Avoid always as possible to separate the whelps from her mother, due that afterwards she might reject them, and then you would have to raise them with a nursing bottle or to give them to another cat to raise them.

Taking care and raising a whelp is a hard labor and takes time, it is recommended to always ask for advice from the veterinary. He might know another way out and of more satisfaction than raising them with a nursing bottle. And never forget the next indications about sick or weak whelps.

The New Family
Once all the whelps are born, the mother usually gives herself a long session of cleansing and a time to rest happily with the newly born. Give her, then, warm and clean blanket, and if the box is dirty, give her a new one.

Some mothers like to eat abundantly after the delivery, but most prefer not to do it for a couple of hours, overall if they have ingested the placenta.

The cat won’t demand for any more attentions for a while and in fact she will be happy to be left alone, but once in a while take a look at the whelps to see if they are okay, and none of them have malformations or that they all receive part of milk.

If the cat rejects any of them, the most probable is that it suffers from some malformation or that he is too weak, which in such case, you should call the veterinary.

The best you can do with a cat, that from an expert view, presents small, or none possibility for survival is to sacrifice it.

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