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Cats and People: “Dogs are sociable animals; cats, typical individualists”. It’s an observation that we hear constantly, but is it really true?

Yes, this phrase is true as for cat’s behavior among them. In the same family circle, the female cat shows great attachment towards her kittens and them towards her. The idyll ends once kittens start to hurt the mother with their sharp teeth. The family starts separating between snorting and inconsiderate slaps. 

From that moment on, each will start worrying for themselves and will undertake their own life. Only in some occasions, some families maintain the harmony among them. The mother is understood by her kittens respectably and occasionally. I have seen how some young cats already overgrown, would snaffle their delicate mother for some couple of sips of milk. 



th everything else, cats maintain among their circle a correct distance. Same as contact with the opposite sex, it is only undertaken by hesitations during heat and it doesn’t last too long. Keeping a lot of grown up cats in one room constitutes almost always a torment

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for animals.

However, in spite of their dark solitary attitude, sometimes a bond is created between cats and men. The term friendship is not being exaggerated at all. Everyone that is a cat friend has experimented this happy sensation that has made us wonder, how is it possible that something like this can happen. People that study animals have developed a surprising theory. Behavior of adult cats between them is determined by strong tensions created by territory defense, rejection of opponents, rivalry or sexuality. The delicate tree of friendship, which destroys their roots in the need of own support since infancy, does not manage to develop in such situation. There is no way to sustain a good relationship with them!

Humans occupy a special position for felines. Due to their inability –from their point of view- they do not fear a competitor. Besides, humans prove to be very tolerant and do not answer at once to the aggressions when their greetings are received by a snort. Therefore, cats learn to estimate them, in spite of all failures, and real friendship is created and even authentic love.

Cat’s good friends:

  • Are not noisy and adopts a careful attitude
  • Does not move abruptly
  • Does not go directly towards the cat     
  • Does not look directly into their eyes
  • Holds it delicately
  • Convinces, instead of forcing it

As it should be, dogs enjoy participating in violent games such as fights and hunting, its grateful when it receives smacks on the ribs and allows to be thrown to the water howling a sound of pleasure. Anyone that tries to do that with a cat, will need a lot of cotton for their wounds and if they are lucky, will be able to find their cat on top of a tree.

Cats like delicate treatment. They will want their friends to act like them. If our behavior drives them crazy, we will clearly notice it. That is their way of educating their owner, without any fuzz and with very much tact. The compensation will be a very valuable friendship. Because of it, establishing a friendship with a cat, it’s a matter of special importance. 

In an ideal, not infrequent situation, the relationship between cats and humans are intimate that it influences directly the health and well being of the animal. For example, a cat can accuse, consciously or unconsciously, lack of love and attention. Nostalgia does not lead them directly to death, but it does favor infectious diseases that immediately afterwards, can cause death. In such cases, surprisingly good medication does not work. The reason is because it has lost desire to live. We can observe, in occasions a rejection of psychic origin to eat. Glucose injections can help in such cases, since it is natural, but in a transitory way, but it is not a solution. The important thing is to reanimate its mood. We need to avoid the idea that we cannot do anything when our cat is ill, thinking only the veterinarian can achieve an exact and correct treatment. On the contrary, the cure will only do effect if we give our animal the sensation of security and take care of it in a loving way. In case of doubt, it would be better to resign to a treatment before the care of the owner.

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