Norms and Regulations at Cat Exhibitions

All the cats’ exhibitions follow the same general norms of some feline association, although the way to obtain the highest honor is defined with great precision.

For example, any association member of the IFF can organize a feline exhibition, following the norms of the federation.

In Great Britain, the exhibitions are authorized by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), the oldest feline association in the world, which origins go back to the year of 1871, or the most recent, the cat association of Britain (CAB), founded in 1983.

At the authorized exhibitions of the GCCF, the judges valuate the cats in the exhibition cages in private and the results are announced at the end.

The cat follows the same open system that prevails in Europe or the United States: the commissaries take the cats to the area of the judges to be valuated, and the result is announced in front of the exhibitioners and the public.

Systems of Valuation
The main difference between the two systems in question of organization of exhibition is that the system of the GCCF, where the cats are judged inside their exhibition cages, there is a strict anonymity.

The only distinctive mark permitted is a card with the number of the cage all the accessories brought by the owners; food plates, water bowls, sand trays and blanket, must be white and the cage can’t be decorated. In case of not following this rule, the cat will be disqualified.

This total anonymity is not necessary in the European and North American system, because the judges won’t see the cages in which the cats spend the day. When it is time for each cat to be valuated, the cats are put in special cages on the judge’s area.

So you can decorate as you like the cages in which they spend most of the day.

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