Norwegian Forest Cat

Breed Origins
At first sight, the Norwegian forest also called Norsk Skaukatt seems similar to the Maine Coon. From this similarity without no doubt was born a legend according to which the Vikings introduced the Maine Coon into North America. However, the Norwegian race is originally of Scandinavia, the one and the other evolved totally apart from each other, although they both have adapted to similar climate conditions and they also have in common a past as farm cats.

Adaptation to the Environment
The Norwegian forest is a big and strong cat, with a dense and water resistance cloak, and that it’s even thicker than that of the Maine Coon.

The woolly under fur acts as isolation and the exterior hair shiny and of a medium length, protects him from snow and rain.

He is an expert climber and hunter with well-developed claws. It is said that he is capable of climbing over almost vertical walls of rocks.

It intelligence, lively spirit and its velocity are cautiously complemented, in spite of its roughness, the Norwegian forest has surprisingly delicate facial features, in difference with that of the Maine Coon.

The Norwegian forest has a long history in the popular Norwegian histories. He appears in a Scandinavian version of puss in boots, in which the evil one in the story is a troll. The female cat that is the protagonist knows that trolls die when touched by the rays of the sun and for it, when she encounters one at the first hours of the night, she makes conversation to the troll until dawn.

In other Norwegian stories they talk of a magic cat, of a gentle face and undulated tail that lives in the mountain and knows how to climb in an extraordinary way.

Pedigree Registration
In the thirties, the race came out of forests and farms and entered the Norwegian breeding farms, where it was established a registry of the pedigree. But the Second World War paralyzed the development of the selective breeding. When finished, the race had almost been extinguished and the pedigree had been corrupted due to the mating with domestic cats.

At the beginning of the sixties, Norway proposed it to seriously recuperate the race, appreciated in the country on its own but also as a National cultural value, which in the practice supposed a form years draw back and a beginning from zero.

In 1977, the International Feline Federation gave to the Norwegian forest the category of a championship cat. The breeder was acclaimed in Norway as a national hero.

The debut of the Norwegian forest in the United States was in 1979 and it acquired the total acknowledgment from the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1994.

However, it hasn’t been admitted by all the United States Feline Associations, maybe because not to subtract any participation of the Maine Coon.

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