Norwegian Forest Cat Characteristics and Character


According to the standards of the feline associations, the Norwegian forest must be robust, with long body and legs. The hind legs must be longer than the front legs and the feet must be separated and must have strong claws. The tail, as long as the body is very dense, must be minimum. The head is of a triangular shape and the nose is long, wide and straight; there is no stop.

The cheekbones and the jaw are prominent. It has long ears, erect and pointed, situated on the top of the head and they are very hairy. The whiskers are long and prominent, and the eyes are big and hazel like, and they form a slight angle.

The cloak presents two layers: An exterior hair that repels the water and a woolly and dense under fur.
In autumn and in winter it presents an abundant collar around its neck and over the chest, but it disappears in summer.

The associations that acknowledge the race admit all the possible colors and patterns, except the color point varieties.
Many varieties present white stains on the chest and feet.
The color of the eyes must combine with that of the cloak.

It is a strong race, and the females usually don’t have any problems when giving to birth. The whelps begin to develop its adult hair in between the third and fifth month.

At an adult age, they are playful, loving and very actives. They must have access to the exterior because they enjoy very much of a big garden, the wildest it is the better for him.
They are intelligent and learn easily abilities as is opening the lock bolts of doors.

They change hair in an abundant way during spring and summer, and have to be brushed frequently to avoid the forming of hairballs.
Although at first sight it is easy to mistake the Maine Coon with the Norwegian forest, in reality they present significant differences.

The Norwegian forest usually has more dense tail and a more pointed snout. Also, its eyes are more ripped and the ears aren’t as separates as that of the Maine coon.

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