Outdoor Cat Enclosure Plans

Outdoor Cat Enclosure PlansWhen working on my outdoor cat enclosure plans I realized that one of the first things I was going to have to do was to decide on whether to have my cedar cat house on legs or just on the ground. My outdoor cat enclosure plans had been drawn with climbing cat furniture and there was no need to give my cat a house on legs just for the sake of having something to climb on as that was taken care of. Two things shaped my decision. The first was the fact that if I had the cat house directly on the ground I was worried that it would be more susceptible to rot. I live in a humid region and that together with all the rain could begin causing my wood cathouse to get wet and begin rotting. If I had the cat house on legs I thought, it would have less contact with the wet ground and to change 4 wooden legs is definitely cheaper than getting a whole new cedar cat house. The second reason was that as I was drawing up my outdoor cat enclosure plans I made the decision that I wanted my feline to have its enclosure resemble a cats natural living conditions. Well I know that cats love cli


mbing and I figured that my cat if it lived in the wild would possibly spend most of its time up in a tree branch. So I figured that if I gave my feline a cat house up high it would appreciate it more. Maybe I am wrong but anyway the wood rotting was my first concern. So I drew up the outdoor cat enclosure plans with my cat house up on stilts and I think it will look pretty cool.

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