Outdoor Cat House

MOutdoor Cat Housey wife and I discovered that our cat Ronin’s wooden outdoor cat house had its own unique problems which were not as simple to take care of as we had hoped. We found out that sometimes if you have an outdoor cat house made of wood it has to be treated against things like termites, and if the wood isn’t treated correctly it can experience many problems one of which is rotting. Another problem we have had in Ronin’s outdoor cat house is that one time he had a bathroom accident inside his house and the wood became not only stained but impregnated with the smell of his urine. Getting stain and the smell out of the wood can in fact cause more damage to the surface of the wood than the feces or urine did in the first place. Thankfully we learnt all of this before we bought our new outdoor cat house. When we first bought our wooden cathouse we had looked into cedar wood cat houses though we ended up settling for a cheaper wood.

Then the next time we were looking for a cathouse after experiencing all of the problems


associated with wood we decided to go a different way. I still prefer wood and would love a cedar wood outdoor cat house but at present I have a plastic house which although functional is far from elegant. We have had this cat house now for 3 years so you can imagine the wear it has suffered being outside. Our plastic cat house has discolored badly so we are probably going to have to buy another house soon. Even though my wife and I understand that there are risks we want to get another wood outdoor cat house, though we will probably go with the cedar this time.

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