Outdoor Cat Houses

If Outdoor Cat Housesyou are going to put your cat house outside it is important that your take into account all the various problems that outdoor cat houses encounter. First there is the problem with the weather. When working with wood outdoor cat houses it is vital that you take into account the amount of rain your house will be receiving. If your cat house is outside on the ground and you receive a lot of rain in your area the chances of the wood becoming water logged are something to keep in mind. Of course if you get a good cedar wood cat house and the lumber has been Wolmanized pressure treated then it really shouldn’t be concern for you. All the same if you live some place with lots of rain or a very humid climate you will probably want to put any outdoor cat houses up off the ground and on legs. Do you live in a region where the weather systems are extreme? Do you normally have serious winters with snow and ice? Or do you live further south with unbearably hot summers? If you


r cat house is inside then these climate factors are really not so important but if you are thinking of putting your cathouse outside then you really must take these things into consideration. For sure you will want to insulate your cat house if it is outside. Getting an AC/Heater climate control system attached to your cat house is another very good idea. Make sure before buying a cat house, you plan to put outdoors, that it is possible to connect a AC/Heater to it. Not all outdoor cat houses can have climate control systems connected to them. With any cat house it is always a good idea to have a covering over the front door whether you get insulation or an AC/Heater or not. The cover will help keep out rain and wind.

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