Outdoor Cat Shelter

Outdoor Cat ShelterAny outdoor cat shelter should be insulated. People often make the incorrect assumption that insulation for their cat house is only necessary if they live in an extremely cold climate. The fact is that using insulation in your outdoor cat shelter is not just efficient but also highly beneficial in hot weather and not only in cold.

Whether you live in a location with extreme temperatures or simply mild climactic changes during the four seasons insulating your cathouse makes sense. Your cat will be healthier, happier and less susceptible to the affects of any sudden unforeseen weather changes that can occur from time to time in any location. And if you have an AC/Heater connected to your cathouse the savings to your pocketbook and to the life of the unit will be very important.

You should not invest in an outdoor cat shelter unless you are sure that it can be insulated. If you are getting a deluxe cedar wood cat duplex or just a simple cedar wood cat house for your cat shelter insulation is a wise investment that will


dramatically improve the health and thereby the life of your cat. Not only will your feline’s environment be more pleasant but also it will be much less at risk from life threatening temperature spikes. You are not only guaranteed your money’s worth in comfort for your feline but insulation in your outdoor cat shelter can also help you avoid extremely costly unnecessary trips to the veterinarian for weather related preventable illnesses. Make sure to get an insulation that has a lightweight plywood liner to protect it inside the ceiling and sidewalls guaranteeing better long term survivability. Get a jump on those winter blues and get your outdoor cat shelter insulated today.

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