Outdoor Cat Play Enclosure Designs

After getting my newcat house cat outdoor play enclosure that I had help to design I was faced with a new problem. Where to put the cat house and enclosure outdoors in my yard. Now thankfully I have a good-sized yard both in front and back but picking the perfect place for the cat enclosure posed some interesting difficulties. My yard has big trees that have branches extending out over the yard. Now at first I thought of putting the enclosure under one of my trees but someone mentioned that during a storm one of the overhanging branches could fall on the cathouse, actually even just a strong wind could cause the same catastrophe. Another friend brought up the lightning risk. As we often have lightning storms in our area, the possibility of a ray hitting one of the trees in my yard is always something that I have to keep in mind. So I figured that I would just put the cat enclosure on the other side of the house but the problem there is that it would be exposed to the sun and wind without much protection whatsoever. The front porch was out of the question as it is just too small. Well in the end I just opted to put up an awning attached to the back of my house in a part t


hat isn’t under any possible falling branches. My house also has a lightning rod so that solves that potential problem. The cat play enclosure fits easily under the awning and whether there is rain or sun my cat playhouse has protection from the elements. The awning means that I won’t have to worry about the wood becoming wet in the rain and that will also save me money in the long run since I won’t have to replace any rotting parts.

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