Outdoor Cat Play Enclosure Design

cat houseI wasn’t sure if a flat roof would go better on the enclosure that was going to go outside or a slanted roof. Both the roof types have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage to the flat roof is that when I have my cats outside of their enclosure they can climb up on top of it and lay in the sun or just perch there while waiting for some unsuspecting prey to come by. The slanted roof of course has many advantages but almost all of them have to do with the weather. When working with cats and trying to design enclosures that they can play safely in, keep in mind that cats are not only good climbers but they are also very smart and can learn how to operate a door handle etc…


Not only that but cats can even in some cases be toilet trained. The advantages to this are obvious however it only works if your cat lives indoors and has access to a toilet at all times. If you successfully toilet train your cat you will eliminate need for the litterbox and all of its expenses and odors. Training involves two or three weeks of slow steady steps, such as moving and elevating the litterbox until it's near the toilet. It is likely that for a time, an adapter, such as a bowl or small box, may be needed to suspend the litter above the toilet bowl. Once training is complete, the cat uses the toilet by perching over the bowl. Kitty cat litterboxes is another whole theme in itself. Just be sure to have a good litter box in the cat enclosure and keep it clean. Cats really don’t like the strong smells that come from the litter tray and if you don’t keep it clean they may even stop using it.

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