Outside cat house

Tcedar_cat_house-townhouse04om used to love playing in his outside cat house. It was always a joy watching that beautifully strong black cat climbing all over the yard. Unfortunately for Tom and me his outside cat house was incompatible with my lifestyle. Being a bird enthusiast myself and owning a highly prey driven tomcat didn’t work out really well. There were times when I just absolutely hated Tom especially this one time after he had killed an Eastern Rosella. But the fact that he killed birds once in a while wasn’t what made me decide to get rid of him and his outside cat house. What happened was that I wanted to install a bird feeder in my back yard that overlooked a wildlife sanctuary. I had been planning for a while to have this bird feeder put up so that I could photograph the birds with ease from the back of my own house. As I got serious with the plans for my new bird feeder I realized that what I would be doing was serving up some new kills for Tom. Also I figured that if Tom had killed


even one bird that the others would from then on be much more cautious and possibly would not ever return. I could not take that risk or the more serious one of my cat killing a rare or endangered species. Though I was sad to see Tom and his outside cat house go I was happy that my sister took him in. She already had two cats and told me that if I gave her the outside cat house for free that she would take Tom without problem. I often go and see him and he seems very content in his new home and with his new family.

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