Outside Cat Enclosure

Havingcat house an outside cat enclosure for your new cat is a good idea if you don’t want to have to address the problems that can arise when a cat lives indoors with you. But even if you have your cat in a outside cat enclosure it is very important that you teach and train it the basics, which you cat will need in order to behave interact properly throughout its life. The first months of a felines life are the most important. If you want your cat to grow up healthy happy and well trained it is crucial that you do the following basic things. From an early age your cat must be allowed to socialize with other cats and animals. Once your kitten is at least 2 months old it should be allowed to interact frequently with as many different animals as possible to help prepare it for future possible contacts. Handle your kitten frequently and allow other trustworthy friends (both children and adults) to do the same, in order to help your cat become used to physical contact. Be sure to train your cat to obey simple commands, such as: “Come,” “Down,” “Go,” and “In.” Once your cat has received all its vaccinations and providing it is in good health, you should begin


taking your feline on trips in the bus or car. Always be sure to travel with your cat in a cat carrier as they can become easily frightened and could jump out of your arms and run away, becoming injured, lost or in the confusion even causing an accident. Never leave your cat in its cat carrier alone in a car especially not in the sun or with the windows rolled up. If your cat doesn’t seem to like its enclosure you can always try rearranging the house and cat furniture. This tip will often do the trick. Insulated outdoor cat houses

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