Outside Cat Enclosures

If youcat house have more than one cat and you want them to stay outside there are a number of different options available to you. One is that you can build outside cat enclosures for your cats. If your cats get along well and have a good relationship with each other then you could have them both in the same enclosure but generally you would still want to give them their own individual houses. If you choose to keep your cats in the same enclosure but in different cat houses there are some different ways to do this. You can have two completely separate cathouses or a cat duplex or if you are short on space in your outdoor cat enclosure you could opt for the two cat town house. The two cat town house is a double-decker structure that has one cat house up on legs about 20” from the ground and then another cat house above that about another 20.” This means that the height of the second cat house is 40” above the gro


und. The best kind of two cat town house to get is one that offers a porch in front of each cat house. This gives your cats a place to lie, resting and relaxing, something cats love doing. I have found that Cedar wood town houses are well made and affordable. It is a good idea, no matter whether you choose to build one outside cat enclosure with two houses or two enclosures with only one cat house in each, to have your cathouses insulated. This helps to protect your cats from the elements and provides greater comfort for them. If both of your cats are tom cats then it is usually best to give them their own enclosure so that they each have their own territory.

Outside cat enclosure

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