Persian Cat Characteristics

Persian litters are usually small, of two or three whelps, and although the females are good mothers, the whelps are frequently very delicate when born and they require of much attention during the first weeks of life.

The fine hair of the Persian begins to form in between the sixth week and the two months, but it doesn’t plainly develop until the two years of age.

The whelps of solid colors usually present eon its first cloak the “ghost” tabby marks that disappear at an adult age.

In general, the Persian must have a wide rounded head, with a flat but flattened nose and full cheeks. The ears are little and have rounded tip, they are well separated, and turned forward and they are set on the lower part of the head. They also present long locks of hair on the interior.

In the United States there exists a preference for a pronounced stop on the bridge of the nose. The eyes must be big and rounded and to be well covered by hair.

As for the cloak, it has to be long, silky, loose and shiny.

It is also especially well appreciated the hair collars over and between front legs, making the head to outstand. The tail must be short and must hang behind the body not over it.

Slid Colors
The Persian cats present an ample variety of colors and patterns, more than sixty, although not all are included the exhibition standards.

Lets see in first place the solid colors: black white, blue, red, cream, chocolate (a dark brown) and lilac (a pinkish gray pearl).

The color of the eyes goes associated to that of the cloak.

In most of the solid tones it is required copper or intense orange eyes. However, the white Persians can present eyes of intense blue, orange or copper, or well one eye of intense blue and the other orange or copper.

In this last case, we are talking of white Persians with mismatched eyes.

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