Persian Colourpoint Characteristics and Character

In general terms, the color point Persian has a cobby type constitution, with a rounded head, round eyes and log whiskers. The cloak is of Persian type, but with the characteristic marks of Siamese. The eyes are of an intense bright blue tone; in fact, the breeders always try too obtaining the most intense blue as possible.

The criterions of exhibition vary slightly on each country and even, inside the United States, between the different feline Associations. But in general, it is required that the cloak be white or cream at the trunk, the color is uniformed, and with color on the ends, this is, the face, ears, tail, legs and feet.

The hair must be long, smooth, silky and abundant, with a collar and big lock of hair between the front legs.

As it happens with all the Persians, he must be brushed frequently. It has an ample chest and shoulders and hinds are corpulent, its legs are short and massive. The feet must be big and rounded, and to be covered by hair. The tail has to be short, dense and has to fall behind the body.

They are considered as defects all the Siamese features, as is a slim body or a long tail.

The neck is short and thick, and the face, rounded. There must be a clear stop between the flat nose, and the forehead.

The ears are separated and are situated on the lower part of the head. They small, rounded and hairy, and they present a slight inclination towards the front.

The International Feline Federation admits the following colors: seal color point (with a body between beige and warm cream), chocolate color point (with an ivory body), blue color point (with a bluish white body), lilac color point (with a magnolia body), red color point (with broken white body), cream color point (also with a broken white body).

Also admitted are the patterns of tortoise color point, tabby color point and the tortoise tabby color point in several colors: blue, seal, chocolate and lilac.

The whelps of the Persian color point are born with a light broken white and spongy hair, but that is not too long. The definitive cloak doesn’t grow until an adult age, if well the color of the tips is observed within a few days from the birth.

According to their owners, the Persian color point has all the virtues of the Persian, as is the calmness and the adaptability, in difference with the Siamese that has a tendency to be excessively demanding with its owners.

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