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Maybe more cat houseso than dogs cats are individualistic creatures. They have their own unique personalities, likes, dislikes and quirks. If you want to plan a cat enclosure then you must take all of these important details into consideration if you want your cat to like what you are making for it. Though it is impossible to say that every cat that is a Persian will act in a certain way and like certain things and dislike certain things etc… Here is a short list of some of the personality types you can expect to find in some of the different feline breeds. There are many breeds and each has its own personality characteristics. These just happen to be some of the common characteristics of a few of the most popular cat breeds:

European: in appearances very similar to street cats, comes in a variety of colors, medium to large sized and though its character is varied the differences are never drastic.

Persian: medium to large sized, small faced with long hair that requires lots of grooming, is calm and not easily bothered and lives well with other cats or animals including dogs.

Siamese: must be the center of attention and if not will do what it must to be noticed (even inten


tionally misbehaving), since it is short haired it requires minimum grooming, is a very active, energetic and unfortunately possessive animal, they are generally noisy cats renown for their constant mewing.

In the case of mixed cats, any that appear similar in looks to the European can be characterized generally more or less by their hair length. Long haired means calm and relaxed while the short haired variety are more active and energetic.

That should give you a little idea of what you can expect from some of the different cat breeds. Outside cat enclosures

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