Post Delivery Cat Care

Cats usually recover themselves from the delivery after a few days and immediately begin its chores of feeding, cleansing and giving heat to its whelps.

Beginning from the fact that the mother must be used to a balanced diet and rich in vitamins and minerals, the ideal is not to change from diarrheas. But if you see that the milk is not sufficiently rich or there are symptoms of malnutrition, ask the veterinary to recommend the most adequate food or nourishing complements.

To Breed Whelps
During the first three weeks of life, the whelps receive an exclusive attention from their mothers: food, cleansing, embellishment and heat, they all are born blind and with their ears fallen and folded.

The ears unfold at the two weeks and the eyes open between the fifth and tenth day, although it lasts around two and three day to open all.

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