Precautions if you are Pregnant - Toxoplasmosis

If in your close or wide circle of people you know, there’s a pregnant women; one hears about toxoplasmosis. It is said that this disease is related with cats and harm especially pregnant women. No one has a clear idea, but there will always be someone to advice with great insistence to get rid of it. At a first reaction, it’s understandable. Not going to defend cats, but instead enumerate facts and value the eventual risks for humans. 

Lately there has been new scientific information that, all doctors or veterinarians might not even know it.

What is toxoplasmosis?
It is a cats disease and other mammals caused by a parasitic protozoan, "Toxoplasma gondii". Oocysts infest birds and mammals, therefore also humans. Eating tissue cysts in infected prey or in other raw meat is probably the most common way cats are exposed to Toxoplasmosis. Taking appropriate medicines can perfectly eliminate them. However, the own organism defense quickly finishes them, eliminating the few definite pathological symptoms.

Toxoplasmosis is a benign and transitory disease in persons and animals. It is similar to flu, hard to recognize it in a formal way; and normally, it doesn’t need any treatment. Complications are very rare. A hematological analysis will determine if a person has suffered in some occasion an infection for toxoplasmas. 

Toxoplasmosis is very frequent. About 60 to 80 percent of people have overcome at some time this disease; the number of affected animals is similar. However, in cases of serious conditions they stay without eliminating a part of the toxoplasmas after treatment. These toxoplasmas transform in lasting body forms (cysts). After, cysts settle especially in the musculature, but also move, for example, to chicken eggs where they don’t damage anything; neither can they proliferate and provoke diseases. Medicines do not affect them anymore. Cysts are assimilated through meat or eggs that haven’t been cooked enough. Meat or egg cysts are two sources of toxoplasmosis infection. People can get it, especially for eating raw pork meat.

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