Pregnant Women and Toxoplasmosis

Pregnant women should without a doubt, either she has a cat or not, have a blood exam to verify possible existence of toxoplasmosis. Possibilities are the following:

  • A weak presence of toxoplasmosis is verified (scantily positive). With a probability bordering to certainty, the infection took place long time ago. Pregnant woman are protected against new infections and there is no reason to worry.
  • A clear presence of toxoplasmosis is verified (highly positive). It’s necessary to think about a first infection. I wouldn’t expose myself to any risk and would submit myself to medical treatment.
  • There is no presence of toxoplasmosis (negative result). Risks are many since there can always be a contagion. This infections doesn’t really provoke any damages in pregnant women therefore is recognized, unfortunately, in few occasions. It is advisable to undergo a hematological analysis subsequently in the sixth month and from six to seven weeks before date of birth. If we see that result are positive, it is necessary to submit without delay to treatment. Thereby we avoid any damages to the fetus. In case it is negative, it is better to give the cat to someone during the period of pregnancy, just as a preventive measurement. Another possibility is to keep it at home, but treating it daily with appropriate medicine until the child is born. This is only a security measurement so a possible infection does not provoke excrete of oocysts. 

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