Preparations for your Cat Birth

There are  special baskets that you buy at the Pet Shops (Professional breeders use the ones made of wood or plastic), but a cardboard box of medium size will be enough and it also has the advantage of throwing it away afterwards. You just have to see that no toxic products have been in it and that there are no clasps in it or nails that could hurt her or whelps. You must be able to close the lids when the cat is in need of some intimacy and it is also advisable to open an adequate hole to make easier the access, and another a bit smaller on the other side as a way to watch that all is okay during and after the birth. Prepare more than one box to have them in reserve just in case.

Don’t use newspaper to cover the box because ink contains toxic substances. Buy one or two rolls of wallpaper ad wrinkle it well to produce a comfortable bed for the mother and whelps.

And if you want more luxury, make paper balls with kitchen paper and put them on top. Put the box in a warm place, free of draughts of air and calmed, but within the visual and additive field of activity of the family.

The ideal temperature, that must be constant during all day and night, is of 22 ºc. It could happen that the cat might reject the place conditioned by its owner and find one by its own. In this case, respect her preference always that the conditions are as good. If necessary, show her how to use the box making the paper crackle from inside and encourage the animal to go inside; show the cat how to go in and out of the box and how to shut the lid for her own privacy and comfort.

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