Protected Cat Species

The control of wild domestic cats populations inside the urban zones is a controversial matter. According to some naturists, it is specie that can already be considered wild and should be protected the same as with other wild species. Manu animal lover are against the campaigns done by certain local authorities to hunt and kill these cats. In any case, they are temporary solutions; because where ever there is an isolated territory that is adequate for wild life, other cats will quickly occupy them.

With all, it is true that the colonies of wild domestic cats can be a nuisance and, in the worst of cases, a danger to health.

Many enterprises, like Wheat Mills and food Industries, where before they used to tolerate and even thanks the presence of wild domestic cats, area now compelled because of health norms to find other methods to eliminate rodents.

Besides of not being advisable to abandon adult and whelps that end up in colonies of wild domestic cats the only thing that anybody can do is to control their growth.

In Israel, where it is estimated that 250,000 wild domestic cats exist, there is since 30 years ago a plan in which the offer the cats food sprayed with birth control substances although it is difficult to control the regular ingestion of this substance by the same cats, the result have been good.

Another option is massive sterilization plan, a job that will call for the use many working hands, because first it is required to catch all the animal, to have them under observation for a few days after the surgical operation and then to let them free on their own territories. Due to the numerous populations, it would also be a localized solution. In any case, a plan of this type would only be effective if in some way the sterilized cats could be marked.

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