Purebred or Crossbred

Nowadays the majority of domestic cats are found in the category of “crossbreeds”. Crossbreeds come in all sorts of colors and fur types. And what they lack in aristocracy, they make up in charm. They are also more robust and live longer than their fellow Purebred cousins.

The Purebreds are extremely beautiful creatures. Each breed has a certain temper and personality that distinguishes them from the others, which mean that you can choose one that will adapt itself to your lifestyle. For example, Siamese cats are lively and sociable, which is why they are not a good choice for someone who is very occupied. Whereas Persians are more meek and tender and will adapt themselves easily to a life indoors (but keep in mind that its long fur needs a lot of daily care).

Birmans and Ragdolls are also meek and tender and are good with children. Before making a decision, read about the different breeds, visit pet-shops and consult with different cat breeders.

Note:It is believed that the term ”moggy” (crossbred), came from Margay, a small jungle in South America. Others believe it originally came from the English musical show artist named Moggie Dowser, he often used a sort of scarf around his neck that looked like the fur of a cat.

One or Two Cats?
The thought of an independent and self-sufficient cat can be somewhat disorienting. In reality cats like the company of others and a cat that has been left alone in home all day can become introverted and unhappy. If you are not in the house all day but you still want to adopt a cat, why not consider adopting two? A feline that has company will feel much happier and less lonely in your absence, it is also more playful and active than a lonesome cat. Of course this would mean double costs and double responsibility. If that is not an option then maybe it would be better to adopt a less demanding pet.

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