Quality of Cat Exhibition

The fact that a cat with pedigree doesn’t fulfill the standards of its breed up to the last detail doesn’t affect its pedigree.

It simply means that the cat is not apt to participate in exhibitions, where he would have to compete with exemplars nearer to the ideal in other words; the cat doesn’t have “exhibition quality”.

Once in a while, all breeders find kittens that don’t fulfill the standard, situation in which they two options.

One option is to sell the kittens as domestic cats, with or without a pedigree certificate and with or without the stipulation of being  castrated (which must be reflected on the price).

The other alternative consists in using them for breeding, with the hope that the imperfections of generation may correct themselves in the next, this will depend on the nature of the defect, reason for which between breeders a great interest has arisen for genetics, one of the most fascinating secondary interests for cat fans.

The standard of a race in the basis guide for a judge in an exhibition and, as an expert breeder, he will know them by memory. In theory, each cat with pedigree can obtain 100 points at the standard of its race. These 100 points are broken into different proportions, depending on the race and of each organization.

For example, in a concrete race, 20 points may correspond to the head, 15 points to the size, form and color of the eyes, 50 points to the color and condition of the cloak, and 15 points to the corporal type or constitution. Evidently, if a cat would obtains 100 points, it would mean the end of the competition in that concrete level during one or two years. However, in the practice, this system of punctuation is nothing but a general orientation that helps judges to assign a number of points in function as to how much the competitor approaches in each feature to the standard.

Lets put the case of a judge that decides to assign the same punctuation to two cats for the head, for example; at the time of doing the final valuation, it will always favor that cat which presents the best aspect and general conditions.

In the United States, the American Cat Fanciers’ Association, also from the United States) has a more perceptive system, in which points and even fraction of points are assigned in a more precise way, and even in this way, at the end the cat with best general aspect tends to win.

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