Savage or Domestic Cats?

The wild domestic cats don’t “return to nature”, saved maybe on the colonies that haven’t had any contact with humans during several generations, like maybe those of isolated islands.

They are felis catus, not mountain cats, and they preserve different conduct patterns. This probably is due to, that in difference with wild cats, that depend on the hunting, the wild domestic cats (at least in towns and cities) usually are grouped there they can find better food in an easiest way. For it they situated themselves in a middle ground, between the comfort of a domestic cat and the freedom of the wild cat.

Those who have some kind of contact with passers by and usual visitors that give them food, live short periods of the year as a semi domestic animal. They who affection and receive well the people who feed them, as animals of company do with their masters, but they also maintain a psychological distance from them.

Size of the Colonies
It is impossible to count the precise number of wild domestic cats that there is in the world.

In a zone with abundant food and an adequate space, like a dock or a shipyard, hundreds of cats can live there. On a recounting done in the shipyards of the Portsmouth (Great Britain) here where found zoo wild domestic cats on an extension of 81 hectares.

Each cat had its territory of about ½ hectare, small in comparison to the 10 hectares to which a cat farm is used. But these cats where not depending on the hunt to feed themselves. Inside the shipyards there were numerous trash containers, the employees fed them and in some case this happened every day and also cats didn’t mind asking for fish to the fishermen on the dock.

A small colony can increase rapidly, due that each female can give to birth to 30 or 50 whelps during its fertile life, while a male can engender an infinite number of whelps.

In the live conditions of many wild domestic cats, not all the whelps reach their sexual maturity, one of each eight survives, and in spite of all, the increase of the population still impressing.

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