Semi-longhair and Longhaired Cats

Long-haired Persians

Aspect: it has a long bushy coat of fur. The Persian Cat is the most recent “enchanting cat”. Its body is the same as the Cobby, with short and thick paws and has a hairy tail. Its head is round, it has a flat face and big bright eyes. Persians are bred in a wide range of colors and shades.

Temper: they are calm, affectionate and they adapt well to life indoors. The ones that have the color variations of chocolate and lilac have a bit of Siamese blood in them, tend to be more curious and lively.

Note: It is not recommended to have a Persian unless you have enough time to comb it every day, to avoid accumulation of fur. Its flat face makes it have more respiratory problems and its eyes get more watery compared to other cats. They are also prone to develop gallstones in their adulthood.

Semi-longhaired Cats

Maine Coon
it’s an American breed. Its fur is thick and bushy and it has a strong build. Its body figure, as well as its tail, is long and wavy. Its head is big and prism shaped, its ears are upright and its eyes are big and full of expression. Its fur is bushy, dense, shiny and has a wide variation of colors and shades. The most common type is the original brown Tabby, its fur is similar to that of a raccoon.

Temper: they are the ideal domestic pets. They are calm, adorable and good companions. Maine Coons are known letting out soft purring sound while they sleep in strange places (it is something they have inherited from their ancestors, farm cats).

Note: this type of breed is not recommendable for life indoors. It needs a lot of space to explore and let out its energy.

its body figure is long and short, and its paws are short and robust. A typical characteristic and what defines them are their white paws: the front paws have what seem to be white gloves and the back paws are white in the front as the white extends on to the back part of the paw. The lighter part of their fur has shades of gold and the darker parts have a different variety of colors. Its fur is long and silky, but it does not tend to accumulate. The ones that have big and round eyes are Russian Blue.

Temper: they are gentle and tolerant with cats and dogs. Burmese are ideal as domestic pets because they keep clean and stay healthy.

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