Short-haired Exotic Cat

Aspect: this breed is originally from America. It is a crossbred of a Persian with an American Shorthair. The result is cat with the beautiful features of Persians but with short hair. The Exotic is medium-sized and well-built. It paws are short and strong and its tail is short. Its head is wide and its face is flat with a short and flat nose. Its eyes are big, round and bright. Its fur is thick, felted, soft and a little longer than the majority of the short-haired cats. They are bred in every color, including spotted.

· Temper: this cat is given the nickname “Man’s Lazy Persian”. It has a temper to that of a Persian but not as demanding. The Exotic is calm and adorable and hardly ever makes a sound, but is more playful than the Persian and it likes to play with dogs and children. 

The “Aby” looks like a little wild cat, with its thin and muscular body, its big ears and its tanned color fur. Each hair of its thick and soft fur has three or four different colors. The main color is a reddish-brown with a touch of black. There are many other color varieties, including blue, red, lilac and chocolate. Its almond-shape eyes are bright and full of expression. Their colors are usually amber, hazelnut or green with a darker outline.

Temper: It’s lively and intelligent. They like to be part of sociable family life. They explores things with their paws instead of using their nose, just like the Siamese.

Note: Abyssinians are not adequate for life indoors. They get impatient and annoyed if they are closed in.
Abyssinians have been given the nickname “rabbit cats” because their fur is similar to that of a wild rabbit.

the Somali is unique and has semi-long fur that comes from the Abyssinian, with a ruff around its neck. It has a tail similar to that of a wolf and has chunk of fur between its claws. There more than twenty different kinds of colors on them. Each hair of its upper body has between six and twelve shades of different colors, which produces a shiny effect when it moves around. Its facial features are very attractive.

Temper: intelligent, loving and by nature, very kind. The Somali will greet with a soft and sweet purring.

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