Short Haired Cats

The short haired races are divided in two groups, that, in general terms have its origins on the western and eastern hemisphere, respectively. On the other hand, several races of short hair can be found.

The short hair European cat and the American shorthaired share a similar general constitution and both descend basically from the European mountain cat (felis silvestris).

American Cats
The American short haired has developed according to the different standards from that established in Europe, due that it arrived to North America together with the pilgrims and the sea merchants.

Most of the European and North American domestic cats without pedigrees are hybrid varieties of the shorthaired cat.

Furthermore, in Europe these cats traditionally have also inhabited in farms.

Oriental Cats
The second group is formed by the shorthaired cats denominated foreign or Orientals, with the Siamese in front.

The Siamese cat is originally from Siam (today Thailand), and didn’t arrive to Europe or North America until the middle of the XIX Century.

Another important member of this group is the Abyssinian cat, whose relation to its geographical name is very much more disputable than that of the Siamese.

Also included in the category of the oriental cats in the Burmese, a cat with shiny and straight hair with ancestors possibly related to the Siamese, although actually it is considered as a different race.

In this group there are also races created by the crossings of existing races, as is the exotic cat and the brown Havana, which are actually acknowledge as independent races.

Other Breeds
Apart from this two big groups, there also exists other cat breeds of short hair that have its own features one of then is the Manx, a cat without tail that comes from the isle of  Man, situated between the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Other examples of short haired races are: The Scottish fold, that is born with folded ears as consequence of an spontaneous mutation; the Japanese bobtail, originally from Japan; the Egyptian man, who was considered as a descendant of the sacred cats of the ancient Egypt, and the ocicat, whose name made be a motive of confusion..

The only thing in common between all these races is the short hair of their cloaks.

In this section it is also included the races of Rex type, that present a curly hair on their cloak, although in reality they must be considered as in other categories apart from these.

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