Shorthaired Cats

they are elegant and aristocratic. They have a slender body figure, fine extremities and their tails are long. Their head is a prism shaped with a long and straight nose. Their ears are long and pointy and their eyes are oblique, with a blue sapphire color. Its fur is short, soft and silky. The classic type has a cream color with shades of light-brown. Other characteristic colors include shades of blue, chocolate-brown, red, cream-color, and lilac.

Temper: the Siamese is as beautiful as it is noisy. It looks for human company and it will try to “converse” with you, using its funny but unique, hoarse voice. They are extremely intelligent, active, curious and extroverted. They can be very demanding, but it is compensated with its extreme loyalty, affection and hours of entertainment.

“We are Siamese and we like to please.....”

Note: the Siamese hate to be left alone; if it is feeling bored or lonely it may become harmful and it will meow insistently. It is not recommended for busy people.
Siamese Cats are completely white when born; the darker colors and shades on their face, paws and tail, ill appear when they are older. Its shades are sensitive to temperature and the environment, cats who grow up in a cold environment become completely dark, those that are kept in bright and warm places remain light and without any dark shades.

British Shorthair
this is muscular, compact and sturdy cat. It has a wide chest and its paws are short, robust and big and round on the ends. Its head is round and its cheeks are wide. Its eyes are round and far apart. Its fur is bushy, soft and easy to take care of. It has a variety of colors and shades. The American Short-hair is a descendant of the British Short-hair. It is a bit larger than its English cousin. Its face is less round-shaped and its paws and tail are longer.

· Temper: it is strong and robust, it is quiet and serene by nature. The British Short-hair is a good pet for children. 

the Birman is a descendant from the female Exotic Breed. It was imported to the United States from Burma
in the year 1930 and later it was crossed with the Siamese Breed. Its body figure is thin and elegant, as that of a Siamese, but a bit more smooth and rounded, and its hair is more fair and shiny. Besides the classic brown, they also come in lilac, blue, platinum, champagne, chocolate, red and cream-colored; and four different types of spots. Its head is medium-sized, prism shape. It has high cheek bones. Its eyes are far apart and they are also huge, round and have a golden color.

Temper: Birmans are intelligent, confident and very playful. They are magnificent “people cats” and they love to be involved in life at home. They like heights and love to be in places like stairways to be able to observe the world from on above.

Note: Birmans hate to be left alone and if they get bored they can become harmful. Its friendliness, curiosity and certain passion for traveling, make it easy to get lost or stolen. There must be certain precautions must be taken so that this won’t happen.

it is originally from Canada. The Tonkinese is crossbred from a Siamese and a Black Birman. Its body figure is slim and elegant, although firm and muscular. It has more characteristics of a Birman than that of a Siamese. Its medium-size fur is thin, soft and silky. Its eyes are wide, almond-shaped and of a blue-navy color. They come in many different soft colors mixed with darker shades.

Temper: they are exceptionally smart, bright and very inquisitive. The “Tonks” are not always easy to handle. They are daring, bold, as well as friendly, and will follow their owner around the house, trying to get their attention at all times. They like heights to be able to observe and examine their domains.

Note: attention, the Tonkinese is not a cat that can be ignored. It is recommended that there be a person in the house throughout the day. Having two Tonkinese would also work, as they keep each other company.

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