Small Cedar Cat Condo

T2 cats in cathousehe 20” Cedar Wood Cat Duplex (condo) is a union of wood craftsmanship and true cat love. And if marriages are indeed made in heaven then this 20” Cedar Wood Cat Duplex was chosen by the angels. Ideal for two cats this cedar cathouse looks good both inside your house and outside in your yard. Now maybe you have more than two cats and or are looking to expand and you are indeed looking for a home for a family of cats, then this cat duplex is perfect for you. The cat duplex comes with a removable sliding section in the middle so that the whole 40”W x 20”L cat house can be used as one single cat house. With each door covered by a Vinyl Protector Flap your cat duplex with stay free of rain, wind or snow. We also provide a full range of commodities and accessories. With all the bells and whistles that you and your cats desire your new 20” Cedar Wood Cat Duplex will make you both feel like you’ve taken a trip to kitty paradise. With the high tech cutting edge Thermal-Ply Radiant Barrier internal insulation (optional), the closed cell parasite resistant, ergonomic cat mat (optional), galvanized screws and nails to prevent corrosion and the Super Cat house Air-conditioner/Heater (optional) your felines will always be warm or cool according to their need. The ever useful Cat porch/deck can also be attached to the doors of your cat duplex providing extra shade and a place to place your cat’s food and water bowls.


Easy to assemble the 20” Cedar Wood Cat Duplex comes as predrilled hand crafted wood panels ready for setup. With free shipping in the USA you can’t go wrong.

For multiple cat owners, this duplex cat house is a perfect fit. Not only will it house two cats comfortably, (and for average size cats, it will accomodate up to four).

The duplex house has a slide in center portion that can easily be removed if so desired. Each house comes with vinyl doors.

This house will work effectively with our PetCool Heater/AC units.


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