Small Cedar Cat House

small cat houseWhen it comes to quality our 20” Cedar Cat house is unequaled. Coming up with a blend of beauty and functionality was not easy for our expert craftsmen but we believe that even the most cynical cat will smile when viewing the result. Not only does our cedar wood cat house come with the Vinyl Flap Protector to keep out snow, rain and wind small cedar cat housefrom the cat house door but since our hardy cathouse comes in seven predrilled easy to assemble panels it is a cinch to put together even for the novice do-it-yourselfer. Galvanized screws and nails prevent rust and guarantee a long life for your cat house whether you decide to put it outside in your yard or inside your house.

Some of the accessories available with the 20” Cedar Cat house are the cutting edge Thermal-Ply Radiant Barrier internal insulation that provides an unheard of 60% winter benefit and the closed cell, parasite resistant ergonomic cat mat that provides that all important lateral support. You can also attach our specially crafted cat porch/deck to the front of the 20” Cedar Cat house turning it into a wonderful summer/winter getaway for your feline. With your cat’s natural love for wood this cedar cathouse will satisfy and even surpass even the pickiest of cats whims. Whatever the weather or location our cedar wood cat house will meet your specific needs and provide classy elegance at the same time. We also provide free shipping anywhere within the United States of America.

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