Small Cedar Cat House With Platform System

This 20” Cedar Cat Hsmall cedar cat house platform02ouse with Cat Platform is a marvel of creation. Nature has given us the Cedar one of the best product with which to construct a cat house and we are not letting this gift go to waste. Not only does Cedar wood have a beautiful texture but its durability is legendary. Our cathouse and Platform System are hand crafted and with added accessories you will be guaranteed a safe warm home for your cat all winter long. With Wolmanized pressure treated legs that are rot resistant and galvanized screws and nails that prevent rusting you will be happy and worry free whether you chose to put this elegant cat house inside or outside. The cat house platform sits a good 16” off the ground and your cat will enjoy his spacious front and back decks. Complete with the Vinyl Flap Protector over the cat house door your cat will be warm and dry no matter what the weather.

Prices and Models

For those extreme winter days we also have the Thermal-Ply Radiant Barrier internal insulation (optional) that provides up to a 60% winter temperature benefit and the closed cell, ergonomic cat mat (optional) with its optimal lateral support system. The 20” Cedar Cat house with Cat Platform comes in seven predrilled easy to assemble hand crafted wood panels. The platform comes already completely assemble and all that remains to be done is slip the four legs into their respective corners and insert the galvanized screws into the predrilled holes. Then place the 20” Cedar Cat house on the platform and you got yourself a raised cathouse that will please the cattiest of cats. 


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