Small and Serious Cat Injuries

Light Cat Injuries
Most of the cats suffer of light injuries once in a while, overall as results from fights with dogs or other cats or from fighting with their preys.

The ears, face and front claws are especially vulnerable. Inspect well the injuries to confirm that they are clean and don’t have any kind of particles that could infect it; if there is, withdraw them with a cotton soaked in a saline solution (a small spoonful for each ½ a liter of cooled boiled water).

Do not use antiseptics and consult the veterinary if you see that the injury doesn’t heal or if they develop an abscess.

Serious Cat Injuries
In the case of more grave injuries, first we must stop the hemorrhage by pressing the injury with a finger, but don’t give him to much first and treatment, because the priority is to apply veterinary treatment.

If you know the cause of the injury, call the veterinary, because you might need to apply antibiotics.

Respiratory Problems
The smoke from burning grease, even in a standard kitchen, can be very disturbing for cats and may cause them serious breathing problems. In which case, you have to take the animal outside to the free air and maybe will also have to apply to him a shock treatment.

This is a good reason (among many others related to the hygiene) to maintain, if possible, the kitchen out of reach for cats.

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