Supplements and Special Cat Treats

Cats that have a well-balanced diet do not need extra supplements of vitamins and minerals. In truth, an excess can be harmful. Special treats for cats are also not necessary. If they eat too much, they may become overweight.

Fresh food
Your cat might like to have a piece of meat or fish once in a while. Feed it a thin piece of chopped meat (pork should always be cooked first) or slightly cooked fish, such as cod fish. Remember to always remove the bones in birds and fish because they can harm their throats with the sharp points. Some cats like to chew on big fried bones, maybe lamb, it is good exercise for their teeth and gums and it helps them practice their natural “hunting” instinct. Liver is the cat’s favorite part, but you should only feed it a portion of 50 grams a week. Liver is rich in vitamin A, which is essential for good health, but an excess of this vitamin can cause sickness to the bones. Liver also contains a high amount of magnesium, which can cause problems in the urinary tract.

 Canned tuna fish and sardines are fast, convenient and very nutritious food. Some cats like cheese, yogurts and scrambled eggs, and foods can be complemented with a little bit of cooked rice, noodles, potatoes or boiled green vegetables.

Say No to Vegetables
Please do not try to feed your cat a vegetarian diet. Cats are, by nature, carnivores, which means they must eat meat to survive. Unlike dogs, cats are not able to produce certain essential nutrients in their bodies, this is why it is important that these nutrients are found in their food. The most important kind of nutrient is the amino-acid called taurine that is only found in the animals tissues. A lack of taurine in the cat’s diet can cause blindness, cardiac problems and eventually death. A vegetarian diet is plausible, but to instill your nutrition beliefs on your cat is simply cruel and irresponsible. For that why not get a rabbit!

Contrary to what most people believe, cats do not need milk once they’ve been weaned. Some cats, Siamese and other oriental breeds, can’t digest lactose (the sugar in cow milk) and this causes diarrhea. Special milk for felines, that are low in lactose, can be purchased.

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