Taking the Temperature of a Cat

Taking the temperature is a simple method and very important. If it has vomits or diarrhea, doesn’t eat a meal or sheds tears, it’s probably a mild situation. However, if the temperature goes up, that’s when fast decisions have to be made. It will be useful for the veterinarian if you can write down how the fever has been evolving. 

In all homes, there’s always a thermometer, please use it often. How to use it is learned easily and it should be practiced with healthy animals. The only correct measurement is anal. To measure it, place the animal on a flat surface. Arm or lap is not a good place. It could scratch us with its nails and shrink its body and the thermometer will fall out of place. One person will hold with both hands the front part of the body. Another one will hold on to the tail, almost at the top part. The thermometer will be introduced with a generous amount of body cream, four centimeters into the anal, rectal position, meaning, parallel to the vertebral column. Do it tactfully, without any violence, if not, it will be painful and will try to run away. 

The first person will hold on to it softly but with firmness, the second person, will stop any movement with the same hand that holds the tail and restrain any movements holding the thermometer with two fingers. This way we will avoid any possible injury. Any hesitation, remove the thermometer and calm the patient and then try again. The thermometer must be in between two to three minutes. This are the measurements: normal temperature is fairly high; between 38 y 39.5°C. Starting 40°C, it should be taken to a veterinarian. Something to take in consideration is that the first person should not let the cat run off once the procedure is over, instead; hold on to it softly & caress it.

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