The Cat Exhibition

Around the world, every year they organize several hundreds of exhibitions of high level under the auspice of the great international associations between which the international feline federation (IFF) stands out, with 39 members in 37 countries, mainly European, but also South Americans and Asian; the governing council of the cat fancy (GCCF), in Great Britain, and the international cat association, in the United States.

The usual procedures in the exhibitions in Europe are a mixture of the British and the United States Systems.

Cats are exhibited at the exhibition room, where the owners ca be, but when judging in private the cats are taken to the judges’ area by the commissaries. This means that the exhibition cages may be decorated with all kind of accessories, due that the judges won’t see them.

The commentaries of the judges are written on cardboards that are hung on the cages, or well the secretaries gives them directly to the owners of the cats.

On the other hand, the Scandinavian exhibitions tend to follow the United States open system, where judges evaluate the cats in public and explain the reasons why they have selected the winning cats.

In general, the regulation of exhibition of the international feline federation is similar to the other organizations in aspects as the anonymously of the participants, before the judges, the attention to health and hygiene, or to the concession of ribbons, badges or other trophies.

However, each European country has its own requirements about the health certificates of imported cats and the concession of import licenses.

The trans European exhibitioners must inform themselves well before participating in an exhibition, due that some norms stipulate periods of vaccination before the trips.

Apart from Great Britain, no European country imposes this periods of quarantine, but all, except Great Britain, requires proves of the vaccination against the rabies.

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