The Cats Comfort

Judges don’t visit the man room of exhibition, where the cat cages are, so the European and United States norms about accessories and decoration of the cages are permitted.

You can see in the cages color curtains and blankets, trophies won, exotic toys and other comforts.

There are even those who equip the cages with devices of security and air conditioning to guarantee the great comfort and security of the cat during the exhibition.

Level Categories
At the exhibitions organized according to the norms of the IFF, cats are distributed in four levels: exotic Persians, semi-long hair, short hair and oriental. In each level cats are judged according to age, breed, color, sex and the level in which they participate.

A cat can participate in an exhibition since the age of three months, in the kitten level (from 3 to 6 months) or of young (from 6 to 10 months); however, until he doesn’t acquire the adult level, at 10 months of age, he can’t opt to the championship.

An adult cat that isn’t castrated begins its career on the open level; from which he will pass to the champion level of he obtains three certificates of aptitude to the championship (CAC) from three different judges in three national or international exhibitions sponsored by the International Feline Federation.

While he competes in this level, he will exhibit the title of champion. A champion that obtains three certificates of aptitude to the beauty championship (CAIB), also by part of three different judges in two different countries will enter to compete in the level of great international champion.

Here, with nine certificated of aptitude to the European championship (CACE) he will arrive to the level of European champion, the ultimate category of a feline competition in Europe.

Castrated cats, female and male, participate together in a parallel competition for the premier title in Europe. To participate in all these levels it is necessary for the cat to have its pedigree certificate. Nevertheless, there exists a level of novices, in which you can present cats that want to obtain this certificate and another for domestic cats, in which they can participate with domestic kittens and cats without pedigree.

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