The Cats Senses, Ears, Eyes, Nose and Teeth

All of the cats predatory senses are very well developed for the night. Actually, cats senses are so acute that, quite often, it is believed that they are gifted with supernatural powers. There is an abundance of stories about cats predicting earthquakes, tornadoes and other disasters, but the most plausible explanation is that they are capable of recognizing sounds and vibrations that humans cant sense.

Cats have an ear which is much more sensitive than humans and even than that of dogs. They have twenty muscles in each ear and they can rotate independently, letting the cat track and find the precise direction and distance of a sound (they seem to be specially sensitive to the sound of a can opener...).

Contrary to popular belief, cats can't see in the dark, but they can see better than humans with low light. Their eyes are large and are placed on the front of the head, giving them a wide angle of vision. The pupils react instantaneously to changes in light condition and dilate completely in low light. Behind the retina they have a layer of special cells that act like a mirror: when the pupils are completely open, in the dark, light reflects off these cells. This is the reason why cats eyes seem to glow in the dark.

Note: White cats can have blue eyes, orange or strange (one blue and one orange). Although, sadly, those with blue eyes are almost always born deaf. Those with strange eyes are often deaf on the blue side. White cats with orange eyes don't have hearing problems.

The cats sense of smell is fourteen times more sensitive than that of humans. This explains why we cant trick them when we try to place medicine in their food.

The surface of a cats tongue is covered with minute abrasive taste buds, which help cats scrape meat of bones and remove loose hair when grooming. The tongue can also be folded at the sides to form a spoon to lap up liquids.

Cats have thirty teeth, designed to eat meat. The four large canines hold and kill the prey, twelve incisors chew and fourteen back teeth act like scissors to cut meat into smaller pieces.

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